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Hi I’m Jess.

I’m a Vibrant Australian Artist and Author.

Brightening your way with artworks, ‘My Way’ book & new program ‘Clarity – finding a new way’

jess crawford modern australian artist
original australian modern art
clarity program finding a new way - 3 months to refinding yourself

Clarity - finding a new way

This program is a 3 month exploration into YOU, enabling you to remember who you were, launching in April 2022.

Exploring the body & mind, the connections between them; how the relationship between your body and mind are inextricably linked; realising you are not a failure – the stories from yourself and society are not yours; and being able to see more clearly and find a new way of looking at your life and enjoying it.

To find out more you can book a discovery call:


'My Way' Book

‘My Way’ is about my journey with health and all the things I have learnt along the way.

This book is for those of you who that just ‘know’ that something doesn’t feel right and there is another way.

I hope that by sharing what I’ve learnt it will make your journey & the journey of those around you easier to navigate.

Come on a beautiful journey with my words and artwork to inspire and give hope to brighten the way!

My Way Book

”Just opened your book… It is totally amazing (just like you!). I have no doubt you are changing many lives and people’s views. Thanks so very much.”

‘Jess, your book just arrived. It is beautiful.”


“Congratulations! Love your work and the simple but effective narrative that goes with it. Powerfully simple which is perfect.”


“I love your presentation in your book, the artwork and sentiments compliment each other. Well done and thank you.”

Colour yourself or your space with vibrant Australian art

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original vibrant modern art



Auburn LPO: Vincent St, Auburn

Coosh & Co: 14 Renmark Ave, Renmark

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery: 3 Mary Ellie Street, Port Pirie

Pebble and Palm Interiors: 106B Sturt Road, Warradale 

Meg’s Bookshop: 90 Ellen St, Port Pirie

Healing Art Studio: 194 Wright St, Adelaide


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My leggings arrived the other day and I’ve lived in them ever since! When I first put them on I was having a pretty frustrating morning… but putting them on definitely made me feel better! So if you’re in the business of spreading joy, your absolutely doing your job. I love them and the riot of colour and I see more of them in my future! I miss going to galleries so much but at least I have some art on my legs.


You don’t have to smile because the painting does it for you.

Medical Centre Visitor

jess crawford art brightens the way

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