Clarity - finding a new way

A 3 month commitment to remembering who you were.


It is not going to be easy but it is worth it.

It is taking time for yourself to deep dive.

It is giving back to yourself.

You will discover things about yourself that have been buried deep.

You will learn to listen and love your body.

You will wake up to the world around you.

I want you to feel held through the transition.

The transition from who you were to who you are becoming.

You see, I have been in a place that you might recognise. A place where you go through motions but you don’t feel the E-MOTIONS.

You see, you are supposed to feel all the emotions. It’s ok to feel all those emotions.


Is this you?

Have you been diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression?

Are you currently taking medication for your ‘diagnosis’?

Have you thought you were ‘better’ so you have decided to come off the medication and ended up right back where you started again?

Are you trying to comprehend a life without medication?

I’ve been where you are now…

I was diagnosed with Anxiety and depression in my early 20s and have spent most of my adult life on and off medication. Every time I came off I would fall into a crumbling mess and think to myself ‘i must really be crazy and not able to live life like other people without medication.

Fast forward to today and I am 1 year off of antidepressants and i have never felt more awake and empowered than i do today.

It has taken me along time to realise that I have to do the work and that change wont happen over night and that i know just as much about my body than anyone else.

It is not a matter of just coming off the medication but a whole new way of living.

This journey is not for the faint hearted.

Its not all roses and rainbows.

You wont magically be cured.

BUT you will learn more about what your body and mind needs and what YOU can do to do be in the drivers seat

The secret is…. its not a sprint, its a marathon.

Introducing  ‘Clarity- finding a new way’.


A 3 month exploration into YOU.

At the end of the 3 months you will begin to realise that it is not all in your head.

  • You will begin to realise that the body and mind are connected so deeply.
  • You will begin to realise that the relationship between your body and your mind are so inextricably linked.
  • You will begin to realise that you are not a failure.
  • You will begin to realise that the stories that you and society have been telling you your whole life are not yours.
  • You will begin to see more clearly.
  • You will begin to see a new way of looking at your life and treating yourself in it.


Whats included:

  • 1 x upfront 60-minute mentor zoom call where we get to meet and I have the time to listen to where you are at. 
  • An in depth workbook divided into 10 sections with each section emailed to you each week.
  • weekly whatsapp check ins to go over anything that has come up for you during the week. 
  • A 6 week 60 minute check in zoom call to dive in to anything that you are struggling with
  • A final 30 minute zoom call to wrap up any loose ends and guide you on where to from here.


Your Investment:

There are two payment options ( 1 upfront payment or 3 monthly payments):

  • One time upfront payment of $750
  • Three monthly payments of $250

Book a discovery call and see if we’re the right fit to take this journey together