Frequently Asked Questions


Caring for your Artwork

  • Artwork needs to be hung out of direct sunlight and away from areas that may cause damage from cooking oils, smoke, water damage or light damage.
  • Avoid hanging artwork in areas of extreme weather changes such as excessive heat, humidity or cold.
  • Do not lean anything against the surface of the artwork
  • Dust artwork gently with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use any water or cleaning products as this will damage your piece of original art.
  • Artwork should be transported and shipped using specialised art couriers, or thick cardboard and bubble wrap. Special care should be given to the corners and middle of the artwork.
  • Check and maintain the condition of your artwork to avoid long term damage.


Caring for your Hoodie

  • Gentle machine wash
  • Wash inside out to protect the print
  • Do not iron over print


Caring for your Leggings

  • Gentle machine wash


Caring for your Scarves

  • Handwash only
  • Do Not Iron


Updated: September 2020