Clarity - finding a new way

Introducing  ‘Clarity- finding a new way’ – Commencing April 1st.

A 3 month exploration into YOU.

We’ve had our discovery call and you want to join the program, below is the information on what is included as a reminder, as well as payment options as a once off upfront payment or 3 monthly payments.


Whats included:

  • 1 x upfront 60-minute mentor zoom call where we get to meet and I have the time to listen to where you are at. 
  • An in depth workbook divided into 10 sections with each section emailed to you each week.
  • Weekly whatsapp check ins to go over anything that has come up for you during the week. 
  • A 6 week 60 minute check in zoom call to dive in to anything that you are struggling with
  • A final 30 minute zoom call to wrap up any loose ends and guide you on where to from here.

Please note a discovery call is required prior to joining the program, if you have not had a discovery call please book one today (and save filling out the form for later).


Book a discovery call and see if we’re the right fit to take this journey together