On the 12th month of tapering my true love gave to me…ME!

And when I say true love, I mean me because

  1. I’m a Taurus and
  2. If I don’t love and believe in myself and make the changes that I need then no-one else will do that for me or treat me the way I want to feel!

I have been tapering off my antidepressants for the last 12 months (you can find out by why I am doing that here and here.) so I thought I would share twelve things I’ve noticed in the 12 months of tapering.

  1. My dreams aren’t so vivid and frightening. Don’t get me wrong, my dreams are still crazy and I wake up remembering the craziness of them like they were a movie. I don’t however wake up feeling disturbed by them anymore. My dreams are still weird but just not so exhausting.
  2. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night in a pile of sweat as often.
  3. Although I sleep better, the fatigue while tapering is undeniable. Especially on the days after a cut. The body really needs to have time to adjust to not getting that hit of drug.
  4. I am pooing less! As I go down in mcg of the Antidepressant, the amount of times I have to run to the toilet lessens too.
  5. Supplements help the process of tapering easier.
  6. The lower the doses of Zoloft, the smaller the cuts need to be.
  7. When I’m sad or tired or agitated, it’s OK to go with those feelings. It doesn’t mean I’m falling into a deep dark hole. It means I am processing ALL the feelings that a human has and these feeling will pass.
  8. The Antidepressants have been covering up all my physical ailments.
  9. My so called ‘mental health’ issues are not all my issues. It is not all about me being unable to cope’. Usually, I would take it all on that it is me being the one that needs to change but sometimes it is about my external environment and the situations that surround me.
  10. My nervous system needs a lot more care (i.e. home, quiet times, times by myself, sleep) to let it reset.
  11. If I drink and eat terribly, I feel terrible.
  12. I am becoming more confident in my own soul. That means I am beginning to realise what I want and what I need to nurture my soul.