Today I would love to tell you a little story… Well part 1 of one anyway 😉)

Over the last couple of months I have been having increased gut issues… you know the ones where you are in pain after eating and have to run to the toilet, constantly and hope to goodness you make it on time… oh wait maybe that is just me?! Well anyway those gut issues were ongoing and so I thought I had better get it checked out. So early in January I went and had a colonoscopy to make sure nothing extra sinister was going on.

Turns out it was just a flare up of my Microscopic Colitis. So yay that is was just a flare up and yay (note my sarcastic tone) it was a flare up of microscopic colitis. So I had a follow up consult with my Gastroenterologist and his treatment was steroids. Steroids and nothing else. I asked him if there were any other changes I should make to my diet or lifestyle and he said no, just take the steroids for three months at least and you will be feeling much better. Take a pill its the easiest thing to do.