{part 1}

How has the first month of the calendar new year been treating you? Have you been floundering or flourishing?

For me I have been floundering a lot.

It was almost like as soon as I hit send on the last email to my subscribers where I eluded to to the fact that I was working on something to help others, I went into freeze mode! Who am I to share my knowledge or skills, who am I to feel as though I have the experience to make an impact. So for several weeks I procrastinated BIG TIME. Instead of sitting down to do the thing that I know needs to come out of me, I did ALL the things instead. Scrolled the socials mindlessly ( this one is still an issue for me and a habit i know i need to break!), watched movies with kids, wandered around the house aimlessly, slept, meditated, ran errands all over the place. All the while, I was thinking about the thing but I was getting more and more frustrated with myself for not doing THE THING.

To be continued…