2022 shall we start a fresh?

{{Part 1}}

Well here we are in 2022 and i wonder did you creep in real slow, so as not to send any extra alarm bells or did you yell Jumanji to get us out of this game?

For me, the new year marks one complete year off my antidepressants! And that is something i actually want to celebrate and shout from the roof tops! Do you know why? Because it is possible and it shows that it can be done if you are determined and ready to heal it all! I feel so much more aware of and awake to life than I ever have and I feel the most empowered that I ever have too.

Don’t get me wrong, it was never going to be rainbows and lollipops but I was ready to do the work and work on it all. Along with healing comes, growing. Growing from what no longer serves you. Over the last year I have become so in tune with my body and my mind that many things have needed to fall away. I’ve realised those things arent for my highest good. Sometimes that part can feel very lonely as you realise that what you thought was a normal, healthy relationship actually was something that was toxic to your body and soul. 2021 taught me not to put anyone or anything on a pedestal. I actually can pull up my own pedestal right beside them because my opinions and thoughts matters just as much as theirs.

Jess x

P.S I got to swim with dolphins just after Christmas so the year ended pretty well I reckon!)

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