{{part 3 of 3}}

(here you will find part one & part two of the story)

Shall we start a fresh?

So what did I let go of from my life? Relationships, alcohol, and foods to name a few.

So what did I make way for in my life? New relationships, moving my body and writing, to name a few.

And as we start 2022 is still isnt all rainbows and lollipops ( and to be honest i wouldnt eat a lollipop these days anyway!). There are days when I’m content and their are days where i’m still frustrated that my body or mind isnt doing the things it should. The difference now though is that I usually know the reason my mind or body is behaving the way it is and the two are usually connected!!! So I get to go back to myself and check in and reset everyday!

So as we start the new year I have realised that my journey is not just my own but I see myself in so many others. I have had lots of conversations in the last year with people that want to know the how, the why and the what of my journey so as to find their own way to better wholistic health. I have realised that my journey is bigger than just me now and that it is time to share more with those that may need and want it too. I have something I am working on for the year ahead and I cant wait to share it with you.

love Jess x​