{{part 2}}

(here you will find part one of the story)

Shall we start a fresh?

The beginning of 2021 was probably the hardest withdrawl wise. I would get those weird arse thoughts that would freak me out. But then I would remember, that i have been here before and those thoughts were not all of me. They were a part of me but they were also for the most part, the drug still leaving my system. It always comforted me to know that this part wouldn’t last forever and i would tell myself to surrender and let go. In those first few months meditation every day and rest and sleep and looking after myself were of my highest priority. I am grateful that I and my husband allowed me to do that. As the year went on the withdrawl symptoms began to subside but I still made looking after my nervous system my top priority. I was keenly aware of what things made me feel good and what didn’t and I began to declutter accordingly. I was learning what brought me real joy and love all over again. I was learning who I really was and who i really wanted to be all over again.

To be continued… with part three

love Jess x​

PS I quite like the me with straight hair as much as the me with curls 😉