Original Art

Multicoloured art to brighten your day

Have you got a room in your house that just seems to be missing something? The walls look a little bare but you’re not sure what should go there? Make your walls pop with my multicoloured wall art. 

I’m Jess Crawford, a modern Australian artist who creates bright, vibrant multicoloured artwork. My work consists of a range of mediums, substrates and sizes. Find your perfect piece to give your space that bit of character you have been looking for. 

I use a riot of colour to express my emotions from moody dark colours to explosions of pink, purple, blue and yellow. This makes each original piece completely unique and full of soul.

Colourful wall art to transform the mood of your space

Your home decor is a reflection of who we are and our taste. The wall art you have in your home or office is often seen as a way of expressing yourself. Now you can give the perfect final touch to any room with a piece of my colourful artwork. Giving you the perfect chance to create a talking point of visual interest and bring your space to life. 

People have mentioned my art has the ability to completely change the mood of a space. With my bright and colourful wall art having a positive effect on your mood by turning a bland boring space into something truly special.

“I love how Jess’s artworks change the mood of a space, having her art on the wall makes me smile each time I walk past in an otherwise bland boring room.” – Louise

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